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MLS Week 1 Thoughts

Well let’s start with my pick for goal of the week. It was a tough choice, but given that this was a money time goal to salvage a point, Blanco takes it. Check it out.


What have we learned?

First we learned that this season is looking even better than any other.

New England and Houston had the kind of animosity you like to see between teams and the fact that it was this early in the season bodes well.

We also learned that predicting who is going to win the league this early is moronic as Houstona and DC both got pasted…the two pre-season favorites. Will they end up with it? Maybe. I think they are still good teams, but there is no such thing as teams who are heads and shoulders above pretty much everyone else in MLS the way you get in some other bigger leagues. There is no ‘Real Madrid, Barcelona and everyone else’ kinda thing in MLS.

Claudio Lopez is worth every dollar they paid him in KC so far. He played well and had a beauty of a goal.

Finally, we learned that LA are quitters. Gullitt needs to have a stern talk with them about playing with guts and pride or else it’s going to be a LONG assed season for them. With their offense it’s inexcusable to get pasted 4-0, even in a tough place to play like Colorado against an improved Colorado team.

If they lost 4-2 or 5-4 it would be horrible defense still, but it would at least reflect the make up of the team.

The only shame is that they are the face of the league around the world and people seem to believe they are the Manchester United of MLS which is simply not the case.

I’m not an LA supporter, but for the sake of the league I hope they kick up their game a notch since more people around the world are watching. The rest of the teams played good quality football and to have their performances sullied due to LA phoning it in would be tragic.


USMNT: USA vs. Poland Recap

I don’t have time to write a full recap right now but will have one up later once I’m home from work.

logline: a game the US should win.

result: USA 3 Poland 0

Goal Scorers: Bocanegra, Onyewu, Lewis






subs: Feilhaber for Pearce; Wolff for Ching; DeMerit for Onyewu


Don’t let the pundits (like Ives Galarcep) fool you. Many of them were calling for a massive mountain for the US to climb but that simply wasn’t the case. The US handled Poland pretty easily before the World Cup in ’06 and that was a better squad than the one Poland was trotting out this time around.

Many pointed to the Poles qualifying for the Euro ’08 tourney as proof of their strength but look at the group. Group A was abysmal. Portugal was the only good team in there. If you switched Azerbaijan for Scotland, Poland is sitting home this summer; simple as that.

My player evaluations will come later tonight (needless to say, the forwards will be suitably raped 😉 )

UPDATE: Sorry for the long delay. I fucked up and saved as a draft not as a post whoops.

Ching & Johnson: 2 – they sucked in every way they could suck honestly. I should give Ching 1 more point since he actually managed to put a shot on frame.

Donovan: 7 great service on free kicks. The breakaway can’t really be blamed 100% on him as Boruc played it pretty well.

Bradley: 8 his game was subtle and you really had to be paying attention but he was in passing lanes all day and had some nice thorough balls. (that usually went squandered by the front line)

Clark: 6 he was solid as usual. He’s never flashy. He gets stuck in and pounds on people. That’s his job and he did it.

Dempsey: 3 Did he actually play? I hadn’t noticed. He’s another player who needs to be dropped from the team if he’s not going to play for club. Playing on a reserve team in ANY league will never be as good as playing on the first team in ANY league. Sorry. Deuce needs to move on.

Pearce: 4 he had a pretty shit game honestly. He set up the one free kick but his clearances were utter shit and his defending was rough to say the least. He really shouldn’t be the option at fulback.

Cherundolo: 7 solid game from Cherry. He got forward into attack in the typical German style and defended well. We need to hope he remains healthy. He is too good to be missing out on.

Bocanegra & Gooch: 5 yes, they both had goals, but their defending it simply atrocious. Gooch is still getting burned far too much and looks clumsy more often than not. Boca is showing the rust not playing for club brings and needs to sit. With a player like Orozco waiting in the wings, there is no reason to hold on to those two like they are irreplaceable.

Howard: 9 solid game again from Timmy. Made all the saves he needs to make and distributed the ball well. I wouldn’t give him a 10 because a player needs to have a god like performance in a HUGE match to get a 10 (think: Zidane vs. Brazil in the 2006 World Cup –one of the greatest performances EVER)

Here are some video highlights from German TV:


Video: McBride Saves Fulham vs. Everton

I’m not a huge fan of the EPL (I mostly watch La Liga and Bundesliga from Europe)

However, I’ve always been a fan of Brian McBride and today he kept Fulham’s slim hopes of avoiding relegation alive.

Dempsey last year, McBride this year? Could be. Could be…

Watch it quick cause the EPL is pretty anal about clips being posted so don’t expect it to last long.


Chicago Fire vs. Dorados in Preseason action

Chicago is my team in MLS which will explain any bias I may have towards them. It will also explain why I put more stories about them than any one else, deal with it.

They are in pre-season training in Mexico and took on Mexican First Division side Doradas and drew 1-1.

Looking at the highlights and reading the match reports it looked like Chicago had the better of it and was a unlucky to get a draw rather than win, but the effort certainly looked good. Though I’d like to see at least 10 of those balls that sailed over the crossbar come down a bit.

Here is a video:

P.S. RBNY is looking at a midfielder/defender, Lider Marmol of Paraguay, that Osorio tried to sign while he was with Chicago last year. The deal didn’t go through but according to SBI, Chicago has a discovery claim on him (if you don’t know what that means, it’s probably best not to ask as it is a bit of an arcane mess. basically it means they get first dibs on him and if anyone else wants him they have to pay up) which I LOVE.

I hope the story is true and we get to fuck over RBNY after they tampered with Chicago to get JCO and are tampering AGAIN while they attempt to take Wilman Conde from the club.

Update: I just realized that I mistyped the name of the Mexican team and I apologize to the fans of Dorados. (I know a some Spanish and should know better after all)

I should also mention about those fans that they did a fantastic job supporting their team and all reports point to them having great adoration for Cuauthemoc Blanco and respect for the Chicago team after the match. Best of luck in the rest of your season in the fight for promotion to the top flight, Dorados.

MLS ASG in DENVER- by eBatty