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England vs. USA recap

I’m late with this and don’t have much to say about this piece of shit game.

The US lost 2-0 and it was a deserved result given a few factors that I would like to talk about.

1) Bradley calling in a team with 1 decent striker (Donovan–even though he is more of an AM or SS than a striker if we are going to be honest) and 3 stiffs (Eddie Johnson, Josh Wolff & Nate Jaqua) Donovan was injured and unavailable and the results showed.

Wolff absolutely sucked and EJ had one good chance on goal and otherwise sucked. Jaqua came in for a cup of tea at the end of the match and had no real chance to ultimately suck like he would have.

2) These are combined: Employing the empty bucket formation (4-2-2-2) and playing Michael Bradley out of position.

Bob: enough with the fucking empty bucket. It’s a ridiculously defensive minded formation that is negative in every way possible. It opens up the team to counters and just sucks.

Compounding that madness, is Michael Bradley being asked to play as a D-mid when he is a center mid–and excelled in that role for Heerenveen. A lot of people think there is no difference between the two roles but there really is. Michael isn’t the world strongest defenders, he’s good but not great. He is great at getting into the attack, linking the midfield to the front line and yes, scoring some goals (he had what, 18 in all competitions this year? That’s a lot, Bob)

Of course, rather than use that attacking prowess, we use Michael in a way that accentuates his weak points and leaves his strong points in the shadows. Dumb, Bob. Dumb.

Also, regarding the formation, it’s a friendly. A FUCKING FRIENDLY. Experiment. You claim you were experimenting with new blood, which was bullshit. Why not experiment with the formation? It’s not like England wasn’t every beatable with the right personnel and attack minded formation. We have held our own against Brazil and Argentina the last year and both of those nations are light years ahead of England in terms of class. Sorry England fans, but it’s very true.

3) Bring on fucking Adu. Stop sitting him til the 80th minute. Start the fucking kid and lets see what he can do. This will require you to dump the bullshit empty bucket, but it could benefit us. He showed some flashes but had no real chance to impose his will on the match since it was over by the time he stepped on the field.

4) related to #1, call up Altidore. Fuck what Osorio says about worrying about Jozy wearing down. Who gives a fuck about RBNY? I don’t. I care about the USMNT playing well. I would say the same thing if Jozy was in Chicago. Hell, I’ve often advocated Rolfe getting another look and gladly would have relished seeing him against England, Spain and Argentina.

There are probably a ton more I could list but it’s making want to vomit. The roster for the Spain friendly came out and it’s basically the same old bullshit. I will comment on that in another post.


US vs. England Roster

Sorry I’m late again. Benn busy at work. This site doesn’t pay me…blah blah waaaah!

GK – Dominic Cervi (Out of Contract), Brad Guzan (Chivas USA), Tim Howard (Everton)

D – Carlos Bocanegra (Fulham), Dan Califf (Midtjylland), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Jay DeMerit (Watford), Oguchi Onyewu (Standard de Liege), Michael Orozco (San Luis), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock), Jonathan Spector (West Ham United)

MIDFIELDERS – Freddy Adu (SL Benfica), DaMarcus Beasley (Glasgow Rangers), Michael Bradley ( Heerenveen), Ricardo Clark (Houston Dynamo), Maurice Edu (TFC), Eddie Lewis (Derby County)

FORWARDS – Clint Dempsey (Fulham), Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy), Nate Jaqua (Out of Contract), Eddie Johnson (Fulham), Josh Wolff (just let go by piece of shit 1860 München-Bayern is your daddy)

Thoughts? I think it’s a bit soft. The lack of Altidore is a bit shocking. The forward crop that has actually been called in is absolute shit outside of Landycakes. Dempsey was a ghost the last 12 weeks of the season or so. No need to comment on the shit that is Jaqua, Wolff and especially EJ.

Kinda screams 4-5-1 all over it. I am happy that DMB is healthy again. He was sorely missed and should cause some problems on the left wing.

I am also happy that the undeserving Feilhaber is off the squad. I’m not happy that he had to tear his meniscus at Toulon to have it be that way though since I think he does have potential. I just don’t think players who aren’t playing or that have no team should be called up. We aren’t Brazil, Germany, Argentina or Italy but we do have enough talented players that we don’t have to take players currently sitting on the scrap heap.

Which brings me to Cervi. It is a fucking joke that this kid is on the team. He hasn’t played a single minute of professional football and judging by his performances in the U-23 tournaments this year, he has no business getting call ups to the senior team.

I fully realize that he is the 3rd keeper and 99% sure won’t see the field but still; it’s the principle.

All in all it’s probably a squad that is more than capable of getting a draw against England or perhaps a fluke goal win, but I don’t see this lineup imposing it’s will and romping over England the way we did over Poland. Anything can happen though I guess.


Video: McBride Saves Fulham vs. Everton

I’m not a huge fan of the EPL (I mostly watch La Liga and Bundesliga from Europe)

However, I’ve always been a fan of Brian McBride and today he kept Fulham’s slim hopes of avoiding relegation alive.

Dempsey last year, McBride this year? Could be. Could be…

Watch it quick cause the EPL is pretty anal about clips being posted so don’t expect it to last long.


USA to play England at Wembley

I told you the US was going to play England. Now it looks like it’s becoming a reality and everyone is piling on the story.

Here is some of the news from England and this SIDE of the pond

You should listen to uncle Papa Bear more often. :p

The big question is whether Capello will pick Beckham to play against his adopted home? I wouldn’t be too shocked, since I’ve said it a billion times, that this will be Beckham’s 100th cap. I thought they would do it in the US but it’s a classy move to let him go out in Wembley.

MLS ASG in DENVER- by eBatty