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US vs. Argentina roster for the USMNT

Here is the roster for the USMNT vs. Argentina on Sunday 6/8

GOALKEEPERS: Dominic Cervi, Brad Guzan, Tim Howard.

DEFENDERS: Dan Califf, Steve Cherundolo, Jay DeMerit, Frankie Hejduk, Oguchi Onyewu, Heath Pearce, Drew Moor

MIDFIELDERS: Freddy Adu, DaMarcus Beasley, Michael Bradley, Maurice Edu, Sacha Kljestan, Eddie Lewis, Pablo Mastroeni.

FORWARDS: Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, Eddie Johnson, Kenny Cooper

Kenny Cooper and Drew Moor weren’t on the original list. This is a SHAM that Cooper wasn’t called in immediately but Eddie “I can’t head a ball into a wide open goal” Johnson gets called in AGAIN.

If Bradley is smart and has any sense in that fucking head that thought his son wasn’t gassed after 65 minutes, he WON’T start EJ and give Cooper a chance with Donovan up top.

In fact once has to wonder why Altidore didn’t make the list. He was supposedly healthy. Perhaps Villareal asking that he not play as a ‘courtesy’ since he will be gone for the Olympics.


bundesliga: “Fuck you, America!” Mönchengladbach cancels summer tour

I had to write this because it pains me as a fan of Bundesliga. Borußia Mönchengladbach has canceled their summer tour of the US. Here is the article from Soccer America on the issue:

German team cancels its U.S. visit
Friday, Jun 6, 2008 6:45 AM ET
NEWLY PROMOTED GERMAN BUNDESLIGA CLUB Borussia Moenchengladbach has canceled its summer training camp in the USA after club and Bundesliga representatives visited training facilities in Colorado and deemed them unsatisfactory for a preseason camp, according to the Bundesliga’s official Web site. Gladbach was slated to play against the Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas on a trip that Bundesliga’s chief marketing officer Tom Bender had hailed as “a milestone in our partnership with MLS.”

In March of 2007, MLS and the Bundesliga had announced a partnership that was part of the German league’s campaign to popularize itself internationally.

When will Bundesliga stop shooting themselves in the foot? They used to be the most popular league in the US by far. In fact, the airing of Bayern games on cable and FREE over the air TV is a major reason why I got into the league. (well that and family being Bayern fans since they are from there but still, being able to keep up on the TV helped)

Lately, the Bundesliga has been hellbent on alienating the market completely. There was the debacle with Bayern playing it’s D team against Manchester United’s B/C team a few years ago among a number of other debacles leading up to this.

I’m sorry, but Colorado has a GORGEOUS facility. Anyone who has seen where ‘gladbach trains knows they aren’t exactly the Ritz Carlton of Germany.

There must be some other reason to cancel. I’m guessing it’s money since they were relegated and are coming back to BL.1 next year meaning they will need to pony up more for top players to stay afloat.

That excuse would be fine, though pride prevents them from saying it. However, they choose the “fuck you you suck and your mom sucks and we are too good for this shit’ approach.

This is especially disturbing given that BL and MLS signed a partnership agreement last year. The agreement was for MLS to show BL how to market (which they have been woeful at and moves like this demonstrate this fact in stark relief) in exchange BL would trade TV production tips with a league who relies on a network (ESPN) that can’t be bothered to be told how it should do things.

With shit like this, the partnership is doomed. It was basically doomed the second BL decided that ‘gladbach would be the club they’d send over given their ‘massive’ following. I guess Bayern, Dortmund, Schalke, Bremen, Stuttgart, Bayer or HSV were too busy.

It really does sadden me but it makes it harder every year to keep following the BL. I pretty much am already at a point where I only give a shit what Bayern does and the rest of the league can go to hell. La Liga has been getting far more of my attention of all the Euro leagues.

I hope you can fix it soon BL. If not for someone who is a built in fan (half-German with tons of family there and an automatic connection to one of your clubs) then do it for a casual observer….or better yet, do it for both. You need it if you want to keep up with the EPL, La Liga and Serie A.



garber finally gets it! Streamers are prohibited (kinda)

There had been debate raging about the use of streamers the last 2 years. Houston fans started the trend by tossing them at each other at the beginning of games and after goals.

TFC fans brought it to another place by tossing them at players during corner kicks making it difficult for the set piece to be taken. (even doing it while they are down a goal which makes a lot of sense since you are merely killing time off the clock since we all know all the time lost is never totally added back on)

Garber defended the use of streamers after Michael Wilbon of Pardon the Interruption on ESPN said it was a ‘Bush league practics’

However, after an incident in Columbus where streamers were used to mask batteries and full water bottles and flares being tossed at players (amongst other no-no’s) as I have been saying would happen all along if it hadn’t happened already, Garber has finally relented.

The commish, via his BLOG on June 6th, has finally said enough is enough. He rightly points out that tossing them at players during the game slows it down and there are opportunities to hurt players being exploited.

Now, i don’t think he went far enough. There needs to be threats of abandoning the match if it is done as they do everywhere else on earth when shit is being thrown on the field. While throwing people out is a good start, there needs to be the threat of your team losing points.

Listen, I love tossing streamers after goals, or at the whistle like DC fans did at the start of the DC vs. Chicago match on ESPN a few weeks back. (the game Chicago demolished them on national TV in case you forgot) That sort of use looks cool and brings out the joy of supporting your team. Throwing the shit on the field to stop players from playing though, is just senseless retardation and needed to stop.

Thankfully the Don has spoken.

If some of these fans wanna have big displays they need to talk to their front offices. Chicago allows full tifo before matches if Section 8 wants to do it. I think Chivas USA is the only other team that takes advantage of that. Tifo is radical johnson and gets the crowd hyped. That’s how it’s done. Tossing shit at players is retarded.

That is all.


Congratulations to Jozy Altidore on going to Villareal

Reports are everywhere (check out MLS’s homepage for details) that Jozy Altidore has agreed to a transfer to Villareal effective July 1st.

It is a GREAT move in my opinion as we have had FAR too many players going to England and the utter lack of imagination and ability to possess the football have become horribly apparent on the senior national team. (though the youth teams possess a latin flair that I hope remains with them once they become full senior internationals because this Brit-ball shit is killing me)

Most people are of the mind that Jozy will be loaned at least initially to Recreativo Huelva so he can get more playing time.

In any event, La Liga is the best league in the world. Teams actually focus on technical skill and not just brutish thugball like they do in the Prem. If things pan out for Jozy we really could have our first true footballing superstar from the US. With his size, speed and technical skill he could really do something special at Villareal. If he keeps it together, I could even see him figuring into their Champion’s League run this year.

Let’s hope Jozy will join Jovan Kirovski as an American with a Champion’s League medal. (Kirovski won with BVB 09 in 1997 a fact that many forget as I’ve heard the lament that ‘we need an American who goes deep in CL sometime and/or win’s’ which Kirovski did and even scored a goal on their run so it wasn’t all from the pine)


USA vs. Spain the aftermath

What can be said about the US vs. Spain other than it was a tale of 2 halves (kinda)?

The teams were pretty evenly matched in the first half, though if we are going to be fair, Spain was likely keeping the foot slightly off the gas so as to avoid injuries prior to the Euros this weekend.

Still, there weren’t a ton of embarrassing performances. Even Eddie Johnson looked almost like a professional footballer (in the first half). The back line held together fairly well also stifling most attacks, though no one is going to convince me that Onyewu is the best option. He is still very SLOW. He is a nice target to have on set pieces, but do we REALLY want a centerback who’s best quality is his height on set pieces? Because in all honesty we have two of them in Bocanegra and Onyewu. (though I think Boca beings a bit more to the table defensively)

Time to give Orrozco some run, Chief

However, the true story for the US was the emergence and the brilliance of Freddy Adu. He was dangerous all half. Causing havoc for the Spanish backline and even gave defenders as vaunted (and rightfully so) as Carlos Puyol all they could handle with artful passes and runs into the heart of the Spanish defense.

Unfortunately for Freddy, his passes went for naught as they were still being sent to EJ who squandered them basically at every chance he got.

Of course it all came crashing to a halt when Puyol was beaten and lunged at Freddy stepping on his foot.

The second half, while not a disaster, was not pretty. Negative play. Returning to the dreaded ’empty bucket’ formation. Lack of possession. Michael Bradley playing the full 90 when he clearly didn’t have enough gas to go more than 60 and it showed when he was one of the people torched on Xavi’s brilliant goal scoring run. (P.S. can we stop playing Michael Bradley as a d-mid, Bob? He is playing out of position and it shows)

The forward play became non-existent and the introduction of Josh Wolff showed us that these last 2 matches should be his farewell to the national set up.

Another troubling performer is Clint Dempsey. He has absolutely sucked the last 4 months or so for club and country. It’s time to sit him. I’m seriously getting sick of Bradley picking much less playing, players based on past reputation. It’s a shit way to select a side and an even more shit way to get the most out of players when they know they can go out and go through the motions, do shit and still get picked.

One other thing that needs to be addressed is the style of play. We have REALLY regressed hard into a shit, route 1, Brit-ball cunt style of playing. A year ago around the Gold Cup we looked like a team more interested in keeping the ball on the ground and holding onto it more. No longer.

Maybe missing Donovan and some others has meant that much, but it’s disturbing nonetheless.

Hopefully this weekend when we play Argentina we get Donovan back. Kenny Cooper is expected to play which is a LONG overdue call up as he has been RIPPING it up and the new Villareal man, Jozy Altidore is expected to figure into the scene as well. If Adu is healthy all 3 of those players prefer a possession ground attack to the shit long ball automatico stuff.

The big positive to take away is we played more positively than we did against England and Spain is a light years better team than England is.

There are still things to address (Bradley’s negative tactics, playing players out of position, poor substitutions, his sudden loss of touch when making halftime adjustments, players developing worse and worse first touches among other things) However, nothing that should stop us in the first couple rounds of World Cup qualifying…I hope. I’m sure Bradley hopes as well as there are already a ton of people calling for his head and I gotta say…I’m starting to agree with it a bit.


USA vs. Spain Roster Set-and it sucks.

Her is the roster for the US vs. Spain via USMNT Blog:

Goalkeepers (3): Dominic Cervi (out of contract), Brad Guzan (Chivas USA), Tim Howard (Everton FC)

Defenders (7): Carlos Bocanegra (out of contract), Dan Califf (FC Midtjylland), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Jay DeMerit (Watford FC), Frankie Hejduk (Columbus Crew), Oguchi Onyewu (Standard de Liege), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock)

Midfielders (6): Freddy Adu (SL Benfica), DaMarcus Beasley (Glasgow Rangers), Michael Bradley (SC Heerenveen), Maurice Edu (Toronto FC), Eddie Lewis (Derby County), Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids)

Forwards (4): Clint Dempsey (Fulham FC), Nate Jaqua (out of contract), Eddie Johnson (Fulham FC), Josh Wolff (out of contract)

Another piece of shit roster. It was nice to see him drop Rico Clark after having a horrible game against England. Which was surprising I must admit.

However, where are the fucking goals going to come from is Donvan is out? Dempsey looked invisible against England, so much so that I even forgot to mention him in the recap. Also, Josh Wolff has no business being on the field for this.

Also, for the love of all that is holy, Bob, do not play Gooch and Boca in the center of defense.  Spain’s attack has TONS more pace than England’s and Gooch has the speed of an oak tree. Orrozco was called up and should be given a look. He played great from a very good Mexican club and looked great in the Olympics.

On a side note: why the fuck hasn’t Jorge Flores been called up into the youth teams yet? He is on FIRE for Chivas USA and if my sources are correct he is eligible for the US and Mexico. Do you wish to lose ANOTHER player to El Tri because of shit scouting, sticking with your old standby players and lack of action? This kid should be capped NOW. Hell, he should have been brought in against Spain. I’m not saying he is the cure all, but he is a tireless worker on the LM with fantastic pace. Let’s not waste that.

With this roster I’m looking at 3-1 Spain. I have a feeling we’ll sneak in a late garbage time goal. However, with what I am sure will be the bullshit empty bucket formation and lack of quality up top, I am pretty sure we are fucked no matter what the score is unless El Nino ruptures both Achilles tendons in warm ups.


England vs. USA recap

I’m late with this and don’t have much to say about this piece of shit game.

The US lost 2-0 and it was a deserved result given a few factors that I would like to talk about.

1) Bradley calling in a team with 1 decent striker (Donovan–even though he is more of an AM or SS than a striker if we are going to be honest) and 3 stiffs (Eddie Johnson, Josh Wolff & Nate Jaqua) Donovan was injured and unavailable and the results showed.

Wolff absolutely sucked and EJ had one good chance on goal and otherwise sucked. Jaqua came in for a cup of tea at the end of the match and had no real chance to ultimately suck like he would have.

2) These are combined: Employing the empty bucket formation (4-2-2-2) and playing Michael Bradley out of position.

Bob: enough with the fucking empty bucket. It’s a ridiculously defensive minded formation that is negative in every way possible. It opens up the team to counters and just sucks.

Compounding that madness, is Michael Bradley being asked to play as a D-mid when he is a center mid–and excelled in that role for Heerenveen. A lot of people think there is no difference between the two roles but there really is. Michael isn’t the world strongest defenders, he’s good but not great. He is great at getting into the attack, linking the midfield to the front line and yes, scoring some goals (he had what, 18 in all competitions this year? That’s a lot, Bob)

Of course, rather than use that attacking prowess, we use Michael in a way that accentuates his weak points and leaves his strong points in the shadows. Dumb, Bob. Dumb.

Also, regarding the formation, it’s a friendly. A FUCKING FRIENDLY. Experiment. You claim you were experimenting with new blood, which was bullshit. Why not experiment with the formation? It’s not like England wasn’t every beatable with the right personnel and attack minded formation. We have held our own against Brazil and Argentina the last year and both of those nations are light years ahead of England in terms of class. Sorry England fans, but it’s very true.

3) Bring on fucking Adu. Stop sitting him til the 80th minute. Start the fucking kid and lets see what he can do. This will require you to dump the bullshit empty bucket, but it could benefit us. He showed some flashes but had no real chance to impose his will on the match since it was over by the time he stepped on the field.

4) related to #1, call up Altidore. Fuck what Osorio says about worrying about Jozy wearing down. Who gives a fuck about RBNY? I don’t. I care about the USMNT playing well. I would say the same thing if Jozy was in Chicago. Hell, I’ve often advocated Rolfe getting another look and gladly would have relished seeing him against England, Spain and Argentina.

There are probably a ton more I could list but it’s making want to vomit. The roster for the Spain friendly came out and it’s basically the same old bullshit. I will comment on that in another post.

MLS ASG in DENVER- by eBatty