garber finally gets it! Streamers are prohibited (kinda)

There had been debate raging about the use of streamers the last 2 years. Houston fans started the trend by tossing them at each other at the beginning of games and after goals.

TFC fans brought it to another place by tossing them at players during corner kicks making it difficult for the set piece to be taken. (even doing it while they are down a goal which makes a lot of sense since you are merely killing time off the clock since we all know all the time lost is never totally added back on)

Garber defended the use of streamers after Michael Wilbon of Pardon the Interruption on ESPN said it was a ‘Bush league practics’

However, after an incident in Columbus where streamers were used to mask batteries and full water bottles and flares being tossed at players (amongst other no-no’s) as I have been saying would happen all along if it hadn’t happened already, Garber has finally relented.

The commish, via his BLOG on June 6th, has finally said enough is enough. He rightly points out that tossing them at players during the game slows it down and there are opportunities to hurt players being exploited.

Now, i don’t think he went far enough. There needs to be threats of abandoning the match if it is done as they do everywhere else on earth when shit is being thrown on the field. While throwing people out is a good start, there needs to be the threat of your team losing points.

Listen, I love tossing streamers after goals, or at the whistle like DC fans did at the start of the DC vs. Chicago match on ESPN a few weeks back. (the game Chicago demolished them on national TV in case you forgot) That sort of use looks cool and brings out the joy of supporting your team. Throwing the shit on the field to stop players from playing though, is just senseless retardation and needed to stop.

Thankfully the Don has spoken.

If some of these fans wanna have big displays they need to talk to their front offices. Chicago allows full tifo before matches if Section 8 wants to do it. I think Chivas USA is the only other team that takes advantage of that. Tifo is radical johnson and gets the crowd hyped. That’s how it’s done. Tossing shit at players is retarded.

That is all.


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