bundesliga: “Fuck you, America!” Mönchengladbach cancels summer tour

I had to write this because it pains me as a fan of Bundesliga. Borußia Mönchengladbach has canceled their summer tour of the US. Here is the article from Soccer America on the issue:

German team cancels its U.S. visit
Friday, Jun 6, 2008 6:45 AM ET
NEWLY PROMOTED GERMAN BUNDESLIGA CLUB Borussia Moenchengladbach has canceled its summer training camp in the USA after club and Bundesliga representatives visited training facilities in Colorado and deemed them unsatisfactory for a preseason camp, according to the Bundesliga’s official Web site. Gladbach was slated to play against the Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas on a trip that Bundesliga’s chief marketing officer Tom Bender had hailed as “a milestone in our partnership with MLS.”

In March of 2007, MLS and the Bundesliga had announced a partnership that was part of the German league’s campaign to popularize itself internationally.

When will Bundesliga stop shooting themselves in the foot? They used to be the most popular league in the US by far. In fact, the airing of Bayern games on cable and FREE over the air TV is a major reason why I got into the league. (well that and family being Bayern fans since they are from there but still, being able to keep up on the TV helped)

Lately, the Bundesliga has been hellbent on alienating the market completely. There was the debacle with Bayern playing it’s D team against Manchester United’s B/C team a few years ago among a number of other debacles leading up to this.

I’m sorry, but Colorado has a GORGEOUS facility. Anyone who has seen where ‘gladbach trains knows they aren’t exactly the Ritz Carlton of Germany.

There must be some other reason to cancel. I’m guessing it’s money since they were relegated and are coming back to BL.1 next year meaning they will need to pony up more for top players to stay afloat.

That excuse would be fine, though pride prevents them from saying it. However, they choose the “fuck you you suck and your mom sucks and we are too good for this shit’ approach.

This is especially disturbing given that BL and MLS signed a partnership agreement last year. The agreement was for MLS to show BL how to market (which they have been woeful at and moves like this demonstrate this fact in stark relief) in exchange BL would trade TV production tips with a league who relies on a network (ESPN) that can’t be bothered to be told how it should do things.

With shit like this, the partnership is doomed. It was basically doomed the second BL decided that ‘gladbach would be the club they’d send over given their ‘massive’ following. I guess Bayern, Dortmund, Schalke, Bremen, Stuttgart, Bayer or HSV were too busy.

It really does sadden me but it makes it harder every year to keep following the BL. I pretty much am already at a point where I only give a shit what Bayern does and the rest of the league can go to hell. La Liga has been getting far more of my attention of all the Euro leagues.

I hope you can fix it soon BL. If not for someone who is a built in fan (half-German with tons of family there and an automatic connection to one of your clubs) then do it for a casual observer….or better yet, do it for both. You need it if you want to keep up with the EPL, La Liga and Serie A.



3 Responses to “bundesliga: “Fuck you, America!” Mönchengladbach cancels summer tour”

  1. 1 Andreas Blenke
    July 13, 2008 at 2:15 pm

    Dear Papa Bear,

    Following the Bundeslige must be really hard in the U.S. judging from ingnorant rants all over the WWW about having to make do with a second flight club instead of Bayern. Now that Borussia’s unwelcome trip has been canceled Americans will like them less than ever.

    So what? Why struggle with “followers” who think football is no more than a marketable event? Supporters (to use an almost outdated term) couldn’t care less. Typical and telling that you’re willing to accept lack of money as an excuse, but aren’t prepared to consider any other reason.

    After a very profitable season and signing Jaures, Alberman and Matmour Borussia is still sitting on quite a few million EUR. So money shouldn’t be an impediment.

    Personally, I just don’t comprehend why people in the U.S. would watch German club football. Don’t you have teams over there, and wouldn’t you rather buy a ticket for a MLS match than watch a club you haven’t ever heard of and don’t appreciate anyway?

    Football’s about fun and passion — not about money. I’ve never heard a German (fan or official) belittle American football in such a manner (soccer that is — cant seem to get used to that word — no pun); so why do you have to denigrate a club, you hardly know and apparently aren’t keen on getting to know either?

    Have fun and passion and enjoy the beautiful game.

    Best regards, Andreas (Borusse since 1972)

  2. July 13, 2008 at 6:09 pm


    Thank you for taking the time to skim-read nothing but the title and first paragraph before actually commenting my article.

    I would be prepared to accept another excuse if it made sense. Their claim that a facility that is top class (even Celtic said it was one of the best they ever played and trained at) is inadequate. I’ve seen where Mönchengladbach train (albeit about 20 years ago since we rarely head to that part of Germany when we are there and it was no jewel. My high school had a better set of sports facilities)Since you brought it up, what is this far better excuse? That supporters (I agree that is a bullshit term now) weren’t too keen on the idea of getting an extra $7-10 million for the clubs transfer kitty in Germany?

    Oh and why would someone in the US watch German football? Again, thanks for reading the article where the answer was. My family is from Bavaria and have been Bayern fans since…well…for ever. I’ve been watching them my entire ever increasing in length life.
    You may not know this either, but there is an ENORMOUS amount of immigration to the US so there are a lot of people who wish to follow their old clubs from the old country. That’s why many people follow European, Mexican & Argentine clubs here and why they are on TV all over the place.
    There are also a lot of people who simply picked a club they connected with and followed them seeing as there was no league and no professional clubs here for over 20 years since NASL died.

    I do support MLS (again if you read the blog and ahhh..forget it, why bother pointing out all the things you failed to read?) and do understand Bundesliga very well. Certainly football is about more than money but in this case Gladbach flipped a big fuck you to fans in Colorado (many of whom are actually from Germany originally, I know, weird but the Germans are still by far the largest ethnic group in the US so there are a lot more than many people think)

    Lastly, you must be fucking joking me. I’ve heard more than a few German fans denigrate MLS and more than a few who didn’t even know what the fucking league was (which I guess sorta counts as not denigrating it)

    Bottom line: Gladbach was supposed to be going on a short, very profitable, trip so their fans in the US could see them and they concocted a bullshit excuse about why that wouldn’t happen. I’m sorry your blind loyalty doesn’t allow you to see that. I’m more sorry that Bundesliga, who signed an agreement with MLS to help each others leagues promote visibility in both countries has been fucked by Bundesliga who will allow their clubs to do this and judging by ‘brand awareness’ have done nothing to help more people in Germany know about MLS so they can check it out and perhaps see some players who might someday come over there to help their clubs out.

    I’m sorry, that’s how it is. Enjoy watching Die Roten hoist the trophy again this year, champ. 🙂

    -papa bear

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