MLS Weeks 10 recap

Yeah, I’m on time for once! The wonders of finally getting a normal work sked.

Chicago had off this week so their ranking as best team in the league is intact. Brian McBride announced his intentions to return to the league and it is pretty well known that he wants to play for Chicago or no one. Supposedly he is in an allocation lottery situation which means he won’t be coming on as a DP. A deal will be made between TFC and Chicago and the Fire will be a ridiculous team with McBride getting service from Blanco. Pardon my while I wipe the drool from my face thinking of the possibilities.

New England has improved their form lately but could only muster a draw vs. a still scrambling DC United. New England will pretty much never be considered best in the league after being thrashes TWICE by Chicago unless their record becomes remarkably better.

Speaking of top teams, Columbus is coming back down to earth again. They took it on the chin after going a man down on a retarded challenge 22 minutes into the match. They simply are losing any sense of imagination in getting service up top which is troubling when you have as excellent a passer as Schelotto providing service. Guille was so transparent this weekend that he was subbed out at halftime. Robbie Rogers was neutralized by Chivas’ ‘hack anything with pace’ approach. Basically they combine the Spanish possession game with the English thug game as well as anyone in the league when they are right, and right now, they are looking very right.

RSL vs San Jose was uhhh…a pretty scrappy affair which shocks the hell outta me. It wasn’t always pretty but there was pretty clearly some bad blood. Deuchar got into multiple altercations and the fact that he remained in the match long enough to be subbed out rather than sent off was a testament to the Saint’s patience the ref possessed. Oh and San Jose lost of course, though that shouldn’t be shocking. They aren’t as horrible as most expansion teams and keep most matches respectable, but they are still going to lose a ton of games.

Houston beat RBNY in an uninspiring game. NY continues their downward slide and Houston has been getting some more results lately. Does Osorio last the whole year? Not at the pace he’s at now. Houston also played FCD to a thrilling draw midweek.

Speaking of FCD, they also played on Sunday and lost to Colorado who seem interested in finding their early season form again. The Western conference sucks, but the fact that it sucks is going to make it fun. I have a feeling all the teams are going to end up nearly equal on points and the playoff places will go to the 10th tiebreaker. That being said, don’t expect more than the mandatory 3 teams to come from the west and don’t expect a champion from the west unless LA finds some miracle worker to play defense for them.

Speaking of Western titles, word out of LA via Steve Goff is that AEG and Galaxy head honcho, Tim Leiweke is pissed at his club. This is odd considering they were top of the table in the West prior to getting their Beckhamless and Donovanless asses handed to them by the newly scrappy TFC.

According to Goff, Leiweke has put Lalas AND Ruud Gullit on notice that LA needs to become a superclub or else. Don’t get me wrong, putting Lalas on notice is smart. He fucked this team up BIG TIME. Picking up Carlos Ruiz rather than a rock solid D-mid or rock solid centerback has made this team an absolute sieve.

NONE of that is Gullit’s fault. In fact, he has taken a team many had pegged for the second bottom position just ahead of San Jose and made them attack minded enough to out shoot opponents more often than not when healthy.

So Timmy, fire Lalas immediately as you should have done at the end of last year and let Ruud do his thing. If you want LA to be a superclub, that’s the only way to do it. You still aren’t winning shit this year unless you revamp the defense, but you might have a shot next year assuming Donovan doesn’t move overseas (which isn’t quite the given it was in years past) as you can score goals almost at will.


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