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US vs. Barbados results / thoughts

Here comes the score so if you TiVO’ed the game don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know the score. Of course if you are on a sports site looking for this sort of thing you are a moron for looking at it as you should expect to see a score, right?

Well the US began it’s World Cup qualifying campaign by blitzing Barbados 8-0..yeah, 8-0.

Reading that it probably sounds like everything is fine in Whoville but it’s not. Here is the line up we started with and tell me what is wrong with it:






Have you spotted the errors yet? I have. I’ll give you a few more minutes with that and also give you this article from Yanks-Abroad, a site I often disagree with but am finding myself agreeing with a whole lot more in THIS CASE.

I have been a Bob Bradley supporter. I think he is great at motivating people and getting the most out of them. However, watching this game it is clear he is a bit tactically retarded, or simply gun shy.

There is NO EXCUSE for playing a 4-4-2 (with 2 FUCKING d-mids AGAIN!!!) against Barbados. I’m sorry there isn’t.

Even if you want to start out this way and wait til you have a few goals to experiment I guess I’ll accept that, but it never happened.

A game like this is PRIME real estate for trying out new formations that you MIGHT need to use if you find yourself a goal down or understaffed etc. Basically what I’m saying is this game was BEGGING for a 3 back formation and yet, you are still sitting 5 behind the ball…against fucking Barbados…a team that had a website begging for players. Continue reading ‘US vs. Barbados results / thoughts’


MLS Week 12 thoughts

Well, the parity machine that I alluded to last week is full on back.

Columbus had been struggling for a few weeks and got back in the win column.

Chicago lost its second in a row for I believe the first time all year. Of course, both of their losses came to teams (DC and FC Dallas) who haven’t won in forever it seems. Oh and DC managed to win over RBNY who was allegedly championship material this year despite doing jack and shit all year and looking even worse lately with little help on the horizon now that Altidore is gone and Osorio’s promises of bringing in quality international talent has gone unfounded. (Osorio caught in a lie…how weird. Enjoy, RBNY fans. )

New England scored a win over the once seemingly resurgent Dynamo.

LA blasted the Quakes and TFC won against a Rapids team that until 2 weeks ago looked like a legit contender to win the West.

Oh and RSL beat Chivas USA for the first time in forever.

So as you can see the folly of trying to pick winners in MLS is a fools game. Sure there are teams that are better than others, but there really isn’t an elite once again this year it seems.

Some argue that is a bad thing, but I don’t think every team being able to legitimately beat any other team is a bad thing. There really isn’t nothing more boring that watching Bayern take on some tiny assed, bound for BL.2 side or Manchester United stomping on Derby.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing Bayern win as much as possible, but there is little intrigue when it’s teams they are talking a walk in a park over.

Just my thoughts.

I wouldn’t even imagine doing a power rankings of MLS. Chicago was top for a while but with 2 losses in a row are looking less ‘powerful’ than they were looking. Of course, no one else has really distinguished themselves THAT much other than New England…what was POUNDED twice by Chicago.

That aside, I’d have to reluctantly put New England at the top of the heap for now…

…I’m sure that will change next week.


USMNT: USA vs. Barbados roster

The roster for the USA’s ‘monolithic tilt’ against Barbados has been released. It looks like this:

GOALKEEPERS: Dominic Cervi, Brad Guzan, Tim Howard.
DEFENDERS: Carlos Bocanegra, Dan Califf, Steve Cherundolo, Jay DeMerit, Frankie Hejduk, Oguchi Onyewu, Heath Pearce.
MIDFIELDERS: Freddy Adu, DaMarcus Beasley, Michael Bradley, Maurice Edu, Sacha Kljestan, Eddie Lewis, Pablo Mastroeni.
FORWARDS: Brian Ching, Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Eddie Johnson.

Allow me to be the first to say that I should and everyone else should stop making wise cracks about Barbados. Sure we SHOULD win, but Barbados isn’t exactly San Marino, they play defense. Oh!

Beside, we only beat them 7-0 and 4-0 last time. Continue reading ‘USMNT: USA vs. Barbados roster’


US Open Cup: Chicago downs Columbus 3-2

So one of my favorite competitions kicked off for the Fire yesterday against Columbus in Peoria. Is it really all that surprising that it’s a favorite competition of mine as a Fire fan? They are thinking of naming it the ‘Fire trophy’ after all…OK not really.

I am happy to hear that unlike Dave “Shit Bird” Sarachan, Hamlett is taking it seriously this year. Luis also has a list of who started on the RED CARD as well.

I hope the Fire can bring in Open Cup number 5. I hope not only for the prestige of having yet another title for the trophy case, but also because winning the USOC is one of the US qualifiers for the newly launched CONCACAF Champions League along with the MLS CUP winner, Supporter’s Shield Winner (team with the most points in the single table) and the MLS CUP Runner Up.

So as you can see, this might be the first time in a while more MLS teams actually put more stock into the USOC since a place in the Champion’s League will mean a CONSIDERABLE bump up in pay for participating and an even bigger bump if you finish well.


MLS week 11 thoughts – lite edition

I am late again and this is kinda the throwaway time of year anyway with all the international action going on so this one will be brief.

Well here comes that parity again.

Not that I mind it, mind you. Chicago lose a heart breaker to DC United at the death. This after DC was rained out vs. Houston after 20 minutes or so. No make up date on that yet.

Can we please get McBride in there? Oh and perhaps play like we are at home while at home, Chicago? Thanks in advance.

New England continued a strong run of form to remain top of the class for a second week.

The Galaxy continue to show that the strategy this year will be to simply score 4+ goals a game and pray to got they don’t give up more than 3.

There are also rumors that Edgar Davids will be joining them. I’m not sure how they will afford him considering they can’t afford enough decent defenders but this is MLS with the phantom salary cap and mysterious rules.

Columbus continues their yearly tumble from grace losing to the Earthquakes. They are doing this despite not really losing anyone but Hejduk to international duty. Imagine what will happen once Bradley pulls his head out of his ass and starts calling Robbie Rogers in?

KC vs. RSL…ends in a 0-0 ‘thriller.’ Anyone really shocked by that? I am excited to see RSL’s new stadium though, the drawings looked fantastic.

Houston continues to look like they are finding form after delivering a pounding to TFC. At the same time, TFC looks like they are falling back to earth a bit. They still could have a shot at a play off spot though as I have little doubt that the West won’t get anymore than their 3 guaranteed spots this year.

RBNY continues to bore the living shit out of everyone. They beat a resurgent Chivas USA 1-0 on Thursday in a really shit game.

That’s all for now.


US vs. Argentina roster for the USMNT

Here is the roster for the USMNT vs. Argentina on Sunday 6/8

GOALKEEPERS: Dominic Cervi, Brad Guzan, Tim Howard.

DEFENDERS: Dan Califf, Steve Cherundolo, Jay DeMerit, Frankie Hejduk, Oguchi Onyewu, Heath Pearce, Drew Moor

MIDFIELDERS: Freddy Adu, DaMarcus Beasley, Michael Bradley, Maurice Edu, Sacha Kljestan, Eddie Lewis, Pablo Mastroeni.

FORWARDS: Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, Eddie Johnson, Kenny Cooper

Kenny Cooper and Drew Moor weren’t on the original list. This is a SHAM that Cooper wasn’t called in immediately but Eddie “I can’t head a ball into a wide open goal” Johnson gets called in AGAIN.

If Bradley is smart and has any sense in that fucking head that thought his son wasn’t gassed after 65 minutes, he WON’T start EJ and give Cooper a chance with Donovan up top.

In fact once has to wonder why Altidore didn’t make the list. He was supposedly healthy. Perhaps Villareal asking that he not play as a ‘courtesy’ since he will be gone for the Olympics.


bundesliga: “Fuck you, America!” Mönchengladbach cancels summer tour

I had to write this because it pains me as a fan of Bundesliga. Borußia Mönchengladbach has canceled their summer tour of the US. Here is the article from Soccer America on the issue:

German team cancels its U.S. visit
Friday, Jun 6, 2008 6:45 AM ET
NEWLY PROMOTED GERMAN BUNDESLIGA CLUB Borussia Moenchengladbach has canceled its summer training camp in the USA after club and Bundesliga representatives visited training facilities in Colorado and deemed them unsatisfactory for a preseason camp, according to the Bundesliga’s official Web site. Gladbach was slated to play against the Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas on a trip that Bundesliga’s chief marketing officer Tom Bender had hailed as “a milestone in our partnership with MLS.”

In March of 2007, MLS and the Bundesliga had announced a partnership that was part of the German league’s campaign to popularize itself internationally.

When will Bundesliga stop shooting themselves in the foot? They used to be the most popular league in the US by far. In fact, the airing of Bayern games on cable and FREE over the air TV is a major reason why I got into the league. (well that and family being Bayern fans since they are from there but still, being able to keep up on the TV helped)

Lately, the Bundesliga has been hellbent on alienating the market completely. There was the debacle with Bayern playing it’s D team against Manchester United’s B/C team a few years ago among a number of other debacles leading up to this.

I’m sorry, but Colorado has a GORGEOUS facility. Anyone who has seen where ‘gladbach trains knows they aren’t exactly the Ritz Carlton of Germany.

There must be some other reason to cancel. I’m guessing it’s money since they were relegated and are coming back to BL.1 next year meaning they will need to pony up more for top players to stay afloat.

That excuse would be fine, though pride prevents them from saying it. However, they choose the “fuck you you suck and your mom sucks and we are too good for this shit’ approach.

This is especially disturbing given that BL and MLS signed a partnership agreement last year. The agreement was for MLS to show BL how to market (which they have been woeful at and moves like this demonstrate this fact in stark relief) in exchange BL would trade TV production tips with a league who relies on a network (ESPN) that can’t be bothered to be told how it should do things.

With shit like this, the partnership is doomed. It was basically doomed the second BL decided that ‘gladbach would be the club they’d send over given their ‘massive’ following. I guess Bayern, Dortmund, Schalke, Bremen, Stuttgart, Bayer or HSV were too busy.

It really does sadden me but it makes it harder every year to keep following the BL. I pretty much am already at a point where I only give a shit what Bayern does and the rest of the league can go to hell. La Liga has been getting far more of my attention of all the Euro leagues.

I hope you can fix it soon BL. If not for someone who is a built in fan (half-German with tons of family there and an automatic connection to one of your clubs) then do it for a casual observer….or better yet, do it for both. You need it if you want to keep up with the EPL, La Liga and Serie A.


MLS ASG in DENVER- by eBatty