MLS Week 8 & 9 –yeah yeah yeah I’m late again

Work has kicked my ass once again. Quick week 8 recap:

Houston wins, DC continues to suck.

Fire lose for the first time in forever.

LA stomps FC Dallas and manages to get Steve Morrow Fired; oh and expect a lot more of this from LA. They can flat score goals.

Chivas finds their touch.

Colorado and TFC continue to look solid.

Columbus stumbles and the Revs heat up a bit.

San Jose…c’mon is still and expansion team.

KC vs RBNY isn’t worth talking about since the average attendance of both teams combined couldn’t fill Buck Shaw Stadium (that place has a max capacity of about 11K BTW)

On to week 9…

First on my mind of course is the grudge match of Chicago vs. RBNY. If you don’t know the tale of deceit regarding Osorio’s leaving Chicago as coach after having a cup of coffee and then tampering to try to get Conde to go with him, there is a pretty good chance you didn’t really wanna follow the league in the first place and should go read something else.

Well, it ended up not bring much of a grudge match after all. Chicago pounded the living shit out of RBNY 5-1 and in all honesty could have been 6-1 (the Altidore missed PK call wasn’t missed at all. He dragged his leg and took a dive and the ball was no where near him so shut the fuck up RBNY fans) I thought that it would be a 1-1 affair since, like all sports in the US, teams in the Midwest tend to be very defensive minded and that falls off a bit to the East coast and is completely forgotten in the West.

In any event, here is a video that sums up CHICAGO this season as they once again move to the top of the table: CLICK HERE

LA Galaxy. Their defense is looking a bit more interested in stopping opposing teams and their offense looks as deadly as ever. They beat KC 3-1 including a 70 yd. Beckham wonder bomb at the end that is much harder to do than many people have been crediting it with for some reason. (probably retardation) Check out the highlights of the best match from Saturday HERE. Oh and don’t look now, but LA is at the top of the West. Am I the only one dreaming of an LA vs. Chicago final? I’m sure that’s what the league would PRAY for.

Chivas USA has won 2 in a row for the first time in a long time. I have to say that they look like they are officially back. They are playing their brand of flowing possession football again and should make a run again.

DC is still having their problems. They were tonked by TFC away but redeemed themselves a bit back at RFK when they came from behind. Soehn is still in trouble. They need more from Emilio. He scored this week, but it’s not enough from him yet. He simply isn’t imposing his will.

New England beat Columbus which temporarily put them at the top of the East until Chicago whooped on RBNY (yes, I’m going to mention that as much as possible)

San Jose beat Houston in a battle of current and former Quakes. Houston is truly in a shambles this year. The time for blaming the early season tournament starts is long gone. They need help at forward and quick.

Dallas beat RSL in the first game of the post-Morrow era. It was a pretty tame game. Good, much needed come from behind result for them at home, but whatever. Win a few more and we’ll care again FCD.

All in all it’s an exciting week with lots of drama from the teams with the biggest, most marketable players (Chicago and Galaxy) which is good for the league. Parity seems to be raising its head again; though Chicago still looks a class above most and I’m not convinced that Columbus has fallen off the wagon despite a lackluster loss at home.

Expect more crazy results coming up with the summer friendlies starting. LA is going to lose Donovan and Beckham this week. Their availability will be questionable at best especially after the beating Beckham took last season trying to play international matches and league games. The Wednesday slot should help, but I wouldn’t expect either to play heavy minutes next weekend.

The rest of the teams are affected by the call ups in one way or another and it is a time for clubs who are on the outside looking in to make a move on teams with their best players away on international duty. If you can’t take advantage of that, you aren’t going to make it very far.

For more videos and highlights go to : MLSnet.com


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