MLS Week 5 thoughts

Another great week in MLS. Plenty of goals and some really, really great ones. (If Gallardo doesn’t win goal of the week, they need to end that fucking contest. I hate DC but that was a ridiculous strike. Vote for it HERE, it’s losing now so it looks like it’s going into the irrelevant bin.)

Let’s run down the what’s what.

The LA vs Chivas SuperClasico was a fantastic affair. 7 goals in total. 5-2 Galaxy victory and Landon Donovan simply continues his domination in front of goal. If not for a few flubs in the TFC game, he would be well into double digits by now. The final goal they scored that went from Beckham to Donovan to Gordon should be a chilling portent to the rest of the league for what is yet to come. If they ever decide to defend they could be lethal. However, if they keep scoring 5 goals a game, they won’t need to. Vanney, for all his troubles is looking better. Oh and Sasha Klejstan, your plane to Europe is boarding. This kid has LOADS of class in front of goal. He hasn’t been perfect this year, but if he has a huge Olympics like his Olympic Qualifying tournament, he will be in MLS for another year tops unless the cap goes up drastically and the max salary goes up. Enjoy him while he’s here.

Houston is just shocking and Columbus looks like they might be real for the first time in a LONG time. I know MLS is the ultimate parity league (except for that league where every team ended with exactly the same number of points. I believe it was in Bulgaria in 1984-easily the craziest finish ever. To think you could have the same number of points as the Champs and be relegated is quite insane.) but Houston just does not look like they have it together. Disjointed in every match at one point or another.

Chicago got back on track and laid the boots to a much improved Rapids team in another scintillating match. John Thorrington knocked in 2 goals which makes him the 90th member of the Fire with 2 goals. Kinda of a tale of two cities with LA and Chicago. LA gets all their scoring from 1 guy, Chicago gets it all over the place. Guess which one will be more resilient when it comes time for players to go away on International duty?

TFC handled a KC team that looks out of sorts all day pretty easily and in the process looked like they might actually be interested in being a real team. They will still end up out of the money in a likelihood, but they look like they will at least put up a little bit of fight.

New England beat Dallas on Thursday in one of the few boring games of the week. The second half was better than the first, but it wasn’t all that great of an affair to watch for a neutral fan in all honesty.

DC absolutely laid the whip on RSL avenging an earlier loss and Gallardo has the aforementioned goal of the week that should be goal of the year but probably won’t due to the geeked TFC fans. It’s a sham. It’s a free kick. Kicking a ball unimpeded with the nearest defender 10 yards away from 20-25 yds out isn’t all that impressive. The placement was classy, but they practice that shit all day. Only in North America and England do people get that boned up for an event that is a step and a half above a penalty kick.

Finally, and in this case I’m saving the worst for last. RBNY beat San Jose 2-0 with Altidore notching a goal. (that is the sole highlight of that whole sordid affair) There were once again less than 10K tickets solds, and even fewer who actually showed up; and yet, we are still talking about adding another team to the New York metropolitan area (note: I said metro area NY apologists because I don’t wanna hear the bullshit about the place that is 15-20 minutes drive from Manhattan not being in the city and blah blah blah..I’m sensing the next ‘Cunts’ series) If the New York metro gets a second team before RBNY CONSISTENTLY puts 20K (shit, 15K) in the seats, it is a FUCKING JOKE. I know Ives and the RBNY faithful (all two of them) keep saying it’s a lock and it will happen, but I’m telling you it is a FUCKING JOKE if that does happen. There are at least 7 markets that should get a team before the NYC metro area gets another one.

That’s all for now, check out Gallardo’s insane goal HERE. How could this NOT win goal of the week?


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