MLS Week 4 Thoughts

Week 4 was a bad one if you are Chad Barrett and a good one if you are a Wizards or TFC fan and a kinda good one for Galaxy fans.

First things first go to MLSnet.com for the latest table and box scores.

KC and Chicago played for the top spot in the east and if not for a blunder by Chicago keeper John Busch and CHad Barrett missing a goal that the average geriatric paraplegic would knock in with no problems, it was a game Chicago “deserved” to win, as they say elsewhere. Cold simple fact is, Chicago squandered chances. Despite outplaying KC they got what they “deserved” by fucking up.

TFC is at the .500 mark for the first time in their history. That may sound like a ‘WGAS?’ accomplishment, but considering how horrible this team was last year and how horrible when they started the season before some key moves (Guevara & Robert); it’s a good place to be. One has to wonder when TFC fans will FINALLY turn on Mo Johnston like fans everywhere else did for not wrapping up the roster far before the season began. I know it’s possible to get hot late and sneak into the playoffs and win it all (LA Galaxy 2005 anyone?) but you are really handicapping yourself by starting out the season without a competent side. Can they keep it going? Perhaps. I believe they will end up 3-6 points ahead of RBNY before it’s all over. That may not mean playoffs, but it will be a vast improvement. You heard it here first.

Los Angeles Galaxy looked like a bowl of baby vomit in the first half and had me thinking they should have mid-game relegation to USL 2. However, someone, somthing FINALLY woke that fucking team up to where they realized that despite the starpower, they aren’t going to win SHIT if they don’t start showing some guts and grit out on the pitch.

It paid off as Donovan scored one of the nicer goals of the year (seems to be happening every week in MLS this season. Kljestan last week, Donovan this week…hmmm) and Beckham was more involved in this game than I’ve ever seen him involved in any game since coming over with the possible exception of the first Superclassico. For the good of the leagues international reputation it was a good thing that they decided not to look like a U-12 team for once.

Houston was great in the first half and looked average in the second half thanks to LA’s renewed vigor. However, they are still without a win and it is looking like panic time in Houston. They can’t be happy with their play or their lack of results.

Chivas was spanked pretty handily by FC Dallas but seeing as barely 10K showed up it seems like it’s a waste to say much else. (Antonio Cue: you NEED to market your fucking team better. This game not withstanding, they are a great side and clearly better than the Galaxy. Put out a nasty attack ad towards the Galaxy to heat up the rivalry. The Cubs and White Sox have done it for years and it’s one of the best rivalries in American sports. That is all) One other quick note, with Chicago’s loss, FCD is now the only unbeaten team in the league.

RBNY is still 0-fer forever against the Revs. Seriously, they haven’t beaten the Revs since becoming the Red Bulls. This team is once again over hyped and under cooked. Angel is having hammie problems and playing on that shit turf all year is going to do him no favors. Altidore scored and absolute beauty and showed once again why he is as good as gone come the summer. The Juan Carlos Osorio fire-watch has officially begun. Don’t believe the hype about RBNY sticking with him for more than one season since he was high profile. Bruce Arena was as high profile (probably moreso seeing as he was an international boss who actually made the quarters of the World Cup) and they dumped his ass as fast as he came in. Osorio can’t expect any better especially after his claims of being able to pull in great foreign talent this off season were proven about as wrong as they could possibly be.

Columbus tonked DC United on the MLS Thursday match in a scintillating match up. Is DC overrated? Right now they are doing everything possible to prove that they are, but they do have talent. Gallardo is still an ‘undecided’ in the ‘was he a good DP signing?’ debate. He still drifts a bit too much in and out and plays a bit too ‘fine’ at times which is shocking given his stint in Ligue 1 which isn’t exactly a finesse league. Seeing Schelotto fight through tackles masterfully in ways that he didn’t in his first year in MLS really shows how different the two Argentines were in terms of adjusting to the league. Schelotto is on pace for a monster year in assists and Gallardo looks like a spectator more often than not. They brought him in to replace Gomez, but right now it’s looking like a bad move because Gomez had the flair but he also had Schelotto’s ability to play physical and fight. If things don’t change quick, DC is fucked. The schedule isn’t totally to blame either.

Finally, congrats to the Quakes on their first goal(s) of the season and first victory against the newly tough Colorado in Colorado (taking notes LA? SJ is from a place that is near sea-level too and tonked the Rapids at altitude. Enough excuses)

It wasn’t looking good for the Quakes at first as Ronnie O’Brien had some horrendous misses, but he made up for it with the new (kinda) franchises first goal. Kei Kamara added another one later one that he dedicated to his brother who died in Africa this week after a tooth extraction had complications and he died for it(?!?!?!?!) Thoughts are with Kei and one has to wonder why he didn’t try to use his ‘anchor’ in the US to bring his family over from Sierra Leon. I am pretty confident he would have had a different fate here. Really sad stuff. I should point out that Kei is dedicating his season to his brother and all his goals. I’m no Quakes fan but I hope he scores quite a few more this season.

Week 5 is already almost upon us and the season just continues to rip along at a blistering pace. I know a lot of people make this claim, but last year was a great season, but this season really is looking every bit as good if not better. The games are more thrilling than I ever remember them and the quality is definitely light years ahead of where it was pre-2004. Let’s hope it keeps up this year and into the future.


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