MLS Week 3 Thoughts

So I had a cold and since this blog isn’t monetized (yet) it kinda takes a backseat to the ‘for pay’ websites I run and my ‘regular’ job so I missed the CCC Semis Day 2 that both MLS clubs bowed out of.

Suffice it to say, that the limited rosters and pre-season/early season form simply was too much to surmount for the MLS squads. DC came close to pulling it off but Houston was doomed once they had to go to Saprissa with no goals and missing one of their best midfielders (Stuart Holden) and their first choice GK Pat Ontad who is about as good as it gets in the league. Pretty much every team on earth would be doomed.

It’s looking like it could be Saprissa in the Club World Cup. Their home stadium is practically a fortress and will be tough. Pachuca is no soft touch as home either, but Saprissa seems like they are peaking right now.

On to week 3 in MLS….

New England wins one and loses one. Right now they just aren’t looking all that impressive. Unless they start doing something to indicate otherwise, there is no way they are going to the final again. The young Gambians that people are so enamored with, while gifted attackers, are pretty woeful on defense. Their mistakes have been costly. They beat KC, who I still think will be one of the better teams, and Colorado handed them a loss.

The battle of the basement went TFC’s way as they took the absolute gift Los Angeles handed them and secured their first points of the season. Gullit is going to be absolutely livid with the number of missed chances LA had. There is no reason they shouldn’t have really blow TFC out in the first half.

Chicago is still unbeaten and rumors from Chicago are that another classy forward/winger from Europe is on the way. If that is the case, my bias aside, they have to be considered one of the title favorites as they have gutted out points on the road where just about every other team has gotten the shit kicked out of them. San Jose played well but were victimized by shitty finishing otherwise the points would have been ‘split’ (I actually kinda hate that term since you don’t get 1.5 pts for a draw) Too much long ball from both teams for my taste though I’ll chalk that up to the horrible field conditions. Although, Chicago found themselves slipping into that trend several games at a time last year, but that’s a bit easier to blame on Osorio since he kinda favors that bunker down style.

Chivas USA and Columbus played the game of the season with one of the sweetest goals you’ll see from Sacha Klejstan who better win goal of the week or the award is an utter sham. Go to the MLS website to check it out. Robbie Rogers was also very impressive torching Chivas on the wing all day. Is he turning it around? Will he become the USMNT prospect everyone thought he’d be? Let’s hope so.

Houston continues to bore us to death in a draw with KC and are really missing Jaqua and Ngwenya. Unless they sort that out and keep Onstad healthy that team is going NOWHERE, like not even to the playoffs. De Rosario can’t do it all himself. (well, when he has decided to do anything this year anyway)

RBNY showed their true quality getting the shit kicked out of them by FC Dallas, the only other unbeaten team. All the hyping by some folks on the east coast about ‘this is the Red Bulls year!’ are probably going to get the all too familiar sting of a first round playoff exit this year…that’s assuming they even make the playoffs since the league changed the qualifying structure…AGAIN (a move largely there to get the Galaxy in the playoffs since the top 3 from each conference make it rather than the top 2; a move that is DUMB as all hell IMO)


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