Biggest CUNTS in MLS series: Toronto FC (TFC) and their fans

toronto-fc-logo.jpgHmmm…provocative title I know. However, here is some proof of their cunthood:

I like to expose myself to church goers!

I like to talk shit about greatness despite having a team that eats donkey cock!

Seriously, give it a rest TFC fans. You act is so tired and contrived it’s bordering on the pathetic at this point. I know there are a large number of Canadians who wish they were still a PART OF ENGLAND, but it’s simply not the case.

Basically, what we have are a bunch of tools who are good at synchronized streamer throwing (which was happening in the league oh…12 years before you existed) which is the equivalent of a high school girls color guard squad.

I hear a ton of bullshit about how tough and rough and tumble the ‘Red Patch Boyz’ and “U (Poo) Sector” and the rest of you shitbirds are and yet the only thing you’ve proven good at is talking shit to every other team about your greatness despite accruing about 7 points last year and getting drunk and showing your junk to church goers whilst taking a leak.

If pissing in public is the sign of Über supporter status then I’ve been at the pinnacle of supporterness ever since college. Suck on that TFC!

Seriously, douche bags, fight somebody. Even though I loath DC United I can at least respect their supporters for kicking the shit out of some MetroBulls supporters and vice versa (which is amazing considering there are about 10 MetroBulls supporters). Even the Revs supporters, possibly even bigger cunts than yourselves haven’t been averse to a scrape or two. Hell, Legion and Riot Squad routinely get into shit in the stands and the Texian Army and Section 8 are no strangers to controversy either. (probably why TFC wanted to limit the tickets they made available to away fans for the match Chicago is playing there…oh and the ‘but we have near sell outs every time!’ shit doesn’t fly, every team has ‘day of’ sales and TFC is no exception.)

Now, I’m not saying that I condone fighting in the stands and shit and have no desire to turn MLS into Serie A west, but if you are going to talk shit about how great and how ‘European’ and tough your support is it kinda stands to reason that you have to punch at least 5 people in the face at some point to be at least in the running for ‘tough mob’ status.

So that’s it TFC fans. I would basically like you to actually win something and perhaps back up your tough talking shit with some action before you continue this charade.

I mean, how bad is it going to suck when you lose out to Montreal for the Champion’s League even though you are basically being gifted a spot with the bullshit idea that Canada gets a spot and you get to compete for it despite competing in a non-Canadian league?

Oh and before you feverishly start typing your comments, keep in mind that until you actually win something…a title…a game…a challenge in the midfield…I will reserve the right to hold your comment in moderation. Or I might take some editorial liberties with your text, either way. Possibly even publishing your e-mail address if you make a douche bag enough comment.

This is a sounding board for others to share the experiences about the biggest go nowhere cunt douchebags in MLS: Toronto FC and their supporters.

Have an idea for the next ‘biggest cunts of mls’ series? Send it in and I’ll consider writing it, or perhaps even letting you take a crack and post it.

UPDATE: so of course the TFC Poo Sector linked it to their forums at: znet.8890.11hgn.invision.899.ca/forms/usector/stuff/assorted bullshit/99.8872/post.php or something similarly inane. Uh, it’s called sub-domains chief. i.e.: forums.PuSectorTFC.ca little easier to remember, yes?

Oh and classy move reposting my entire article. Copyright infringement anybody? If I was a bigger dickhead I’d file a complaint but since I’m sure you you are all still using Mosaic 0.4 as your browser I’m sure web navigation is a bit tough on you. Trust me, some day there will be this thing called broadband and java script and php that will make it’s way to you and make web browsing WAY easier and far ‘kewler’.

Funny that it pisses you off so much yet there are no suggestions for a bigger bunch of cunts in MLS. Kinda accepting the obvious I guess. Don’t worry; I have my next choices for Cunt of the week. Abel Xavier is getting a head start in the competition.

I told you the TFC faithful were into pissing on people and shit play behavior. I guess one of the ‘super fazzz’ socamonarch also has a boner/wet vagina for smacking my ass. Kinda gay if it’s a dude but to each their own I guess. Kenfrom255 is either a plant making fun of him/them or at least has a sense of humor (the thought of a Poo Sector scarf choking being quite arousing). A decent TFC fan with a sense of humor, whodathunkit?:


Update: sorry I just had to add these two. It’s pretty funny actually. As one writer over there, who obviously isn’t a moron wrote, I am sitting here on the other laughing largely at the fans who I called out living up to their usual billing.

Check these gems:


no, chief, I actually was saying that since so many of your ‘fanaticos’ fancy themselves a hard assed English firm that was accidentally transplanted to ‘mean streets’ of Toronto, then you should at least have something that even slightly resembles a hard assed reputation (like Legion has, as much as I loath them as well). Reading comprehension obviously coming at a premium for many TFC supporters these days.

But of course that is silly of me to think that there are a number of TFC fans who fancy themselves born again hard and hoolies to the core, right? If you ignore the one that already said they wanted to smack my ass and piss on me, which I took as being more of a strange sexual fetish.


or the Crew fans (all 5 of them) quaking in their boots at the red mob. that’s not faux tough guy is it?

I guess I was wrong about that assertion. /sarcasm

Ya give people enough rope, and they hang themselves. It’s really quite an interesting truism.



…and yet you not only clicked over to read/read the copied and pasted article,clicked reply, thought about it, and wrote this shit anyway. Guess I was worth the time, sporto. 😉

UPDATE: Sorry, I have other cunts to bash, but this had to be added to the TFC fan legacy of stupidity. They pretty much find anything to get pissed off about and whine and bitch about it until everyone says their sorry. Fuck you cunts. Read this:


P.S. Andrea Canales has been writing for a LONG time and if memory serves from an article done on her a while back (search her blog for it, I don’t remember who did it. They also did one on Luis Bueno), she is/was an English teacher. In addition to the visual evidence the e-mail author provided proving it, I imagine she is perfectly capable of writing and is more than qualified.


15 Responses to “Biggest CUNTS in MLS series: Toronto FC (TFC) and their fans”

  1. 1 Boloo
    April 2, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    Hey – my girlfriend is from Germany and wants to get gangbanged – do you have many mates? I figure she wants to bang 15-20 of you guys.

    MODERATOR EDIT: I understand her need for 15 cocks given the fact she’s been rubbing vaginas with a girly man like yourself. Send in a pic of her nude with her gaping hole exposed and I’ll see what we can do for her.

  2. 2 Boloo
    April 2, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    This sucks

    MOD EDIT: not as much as you and your fans posting the same shit 5 times and your inability to read the post saying comments will be moderated. C’mon, I expected better from you tools. Kinda disappointing.

    Keep trying…

  3. April 2, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    Hey hoser, I was too god damed stupid to read the fucking post that said the comments would be moderated and not posted immediately so I tried to post the same shit twice thinking it might fool the computer. Kinda dumb, eh?


    So much for literacy in Toronto huh? Now lemme wish death on some more people and belittle the dead some more. Yippeee! I’m troo TFC ya’ll! Poo Sector! Poo Sector!

  4. 4 tfcfan
    April 2, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    Having 3 portable washroom’s for 2500 people shows the welcome we got and explains the pissing story. They got what they deserved because ponying up the extra $50 for a bus with a fucking toilet is too much effort and too smart for Red Snatch Boyz dawg! We piss where we wants! Fuck all ya’ll!! Up the Poo Sector!!! Euro Hooliganzzz FC Stylee Ya Redneck Wankerzzz!!! ~LOLZ~

  5. April 2, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    Yawn, worthless American scum bag…….Go fight a worthless war with your pussy soldiers. How many are dead now? Who cares actually! No one likes them anyways!!!

    MODERATE: the worthless Canadian douche kinda hangs himself with this one so why bother editing it. Nice one tool. I understand you hatred of soldiers given your “army’s” lack of men with a spine. Next…

    EDIT 2: since there is obviously some confusion, yes, I was purposely making the same exact, inflammatory, baseless accusations that Mr. LaTroy Hawkins made since that’s what he knows best.

  6. 6 brando
    April 2, 2008 at 5:37 pm

    Listen you douchebag….

    They stuck us in a field with no access to toilets, and no garbage cans. What the fuck do you want us to do? (EDIT: try renting buses that have toilets on them like non-retards do? Or perhaps walk the 50 meters to a fucking fast food place and use their john? Call me nuts.) If we could have had access to the stadium to piss we would have, but after a 7 hour busride, and a bit of prematch drinking I had to piss. You’re luck I didn’t have to take a shit; because I would love to show my ass in addition to my cock to children and any one else in eye shot. If they would have let me jack off on someone’s face I would have done that too since I hadn’t done that for 7 hours either.

    And for fuck sakes, the fenceline we were pissing on was at least 70-80 meters away from this church seperated by a road….on a SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!*** (see below) I could understand your angst if there were appropriate facilities provided and the congregation was in full Sunday service, but that was not the situation. (EDIT: as stated above, EVERY church in the US has full services on Saturdays and someone must have good eyes: “The churchgoers called police, and one man was arrested. “I don’t know if they locked him up for disorderly conduct or if they got him for indecent exposure,” Conley said. “)

    As for fighting, I’m sure that a whole bunch of Poo Sector and Red Snatch boys would have no issue with coming down to whatever backwater shithole (EDIT: the irony of a lumberjack accusing others of living in a backwater shithole is simply delicious) you live at and kick the living shit out of you and any of your wannabe hooligans (EDIT: the only wannabe hooligans are your Poo Sector douchebags who always claim “a European” experience at BM field which, if you had an IQ above 30, would realize is a big announcement that ‘yes, we are Euro-poseurs and are at peace with that). Just say the word you fucking redneck….just make sure you’ve got enough money to cover the hospital bills after your face is smashed all over that hunk o’ shit stadium down there in that toilet you call Columbus. (EDIT: word)

    You shouldn’t be jealous of us though since we really aren’t all that.

    may I please lick your bag?

    EDIT: so now it’s 70 meters? But your buddy who also assails the ‘factual inaccuracies’ said it was 200+ yards?!?! Hmmm…weird.

  7. April 2, 2008 at 5:47 pm


    I was not in Columbus but I think that you are using a factually wrong article that sensationalized the pissing incident. I did not read anything on your blog about virtually no portajohns for 2,500 people. (EDIT: once again, rent a fucking bus with a toilet. They are $50 more. I’ve taken them to away matches all the time) That and it was a church, not a synagogue. Did they have services on a Saturday afternoon? (EDIT: are you sure you read the article? It says CHURCH not Synagogue. And yes, every church in the US has services on Saturdays as well. Also, someone was at said church and could see dong: “The churchgoers called police, and one man was arrested. “I don’t know if they locked him up for disorderly conduct or if they got him for indecent exposure,” Conley said.” Or did someone just call at random and made a lucky guess? Man, keep reeling out that rope. Too easy to hang)

    The away ticket thing is simply due to the size f our season ticket base. 16,000 full and 4,000 half season packs sold means there are essentially 1,000 seats available for everybody else. I think we will be able to accommodate more away fans when we expand the ground. (EDIT: let’s do math here I’ll even go with your numbers. 1000 seats available. 500 seats requested MONTHS before the match and before tickets were even on sale. Uh…500 guaranteed sales requested and denied because there are only 1000 seats available…perhaps I need to re-do my physics degree since they obviously didn’t learn me math too good, but I think 1000-500 still leaves 500 left over seats. Sounds like a chicken shit FO)

    TFC fans have never said that we are better than anybody else in MLS (EDIT: BULLSHIT. Go to Bigsoccer on ANY given day and you will see that. Go to the RED CARD blog today and bear witness to it as well. Talking out your ass isn’t very becoming); There are certainly a hell of a lot of us.Hate us if you like, that is certainly your right, but hate based on facts and not speculation from a shitty reporter in a really bad newspaper. (EDIT: the hatred many feel is more due to the extreme arrogance and not this one article, I assure you.)

  8. April 2, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    (EDIT: far too many posts and no image previews (classy site), just link to the direct image next time please and I will gladly allow it to be posted)

    About half way down you will see a photo of the infamous fence. It’s clearly about 200 yards away from the *empty* church.

    Hardly confrontational, eh?

    Whatever. You likely aren’t interested in facts when you can work the word “cunt” into your blog posting this many times.

    Edit: you were still exposed in public yes? Empty church my ass. The cop reported there were parishioners in there. Oh and yes, Churches ALL offer services on Saturday mornings/afternoons; so despite you thinking whipping out your dong in public is in line with civil behavior I can assure you it is not.

  9. April 2, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    Ok…I appreciate that your not really going to hear this, but…you do realize that the Canadian Armed Forces are currently fighting on the front lines of Afghanistan–81 young Canadians have died, fighting for the same thing US soldiers are.

    (Info on Canadian dead wounded in WWI & WWII being per capita larger than US included, but too long to keep in)

    So you might want to grow up and think for a goddamn second before you post something as truly stupid as you did above about the Canadian military.

    MOD EDIT: Yes, I do realize that. Perhaps the irony of making the same sweeping, moronic generalization in the reverse was lost on you. Perhaps you should chide the dickhead who made the same type of statements. I wouldn’t expect that kind of logic to reach through the average TFC fan.

    PS. You were wrong, I am reading all of these. Just not interested in opening it up to the same ludicrous bullshit the Red Card decended into today, Big Soccer descends into every day and Soccer by Ives descends into on a monthly basis due to ~TFC Troo Fanz~

  10. 10 so
    April 3, 2008 at 6:04 am

    Actually, a lot of the buses were locked for security reasons, and a lot of the buses left and came back later. The bus drivers are only allowed to be on duty for so long by law.

    This explains part of the stupidity, but why choose to only see 25 overly drunk people versus the rest.

    We need this league to succeed or none of us have a team.

    EDIT: see folks? This is a real comment. Very nice. (BTW I don’t hate Canadians or all Torontonianianas, just the TFC fans who plague various forums with their stupidity as evidenced by the links above, and basically every thread on Big Soccer)

    To answer the comment: Piss before you get off the bus and piss immediately upon getting on. No stadium throws people out as soon as the last whistle blows. There is ZERO excuse other than laziness to piss with your dick hanging out towards and open road. I ‘get’ that they can’t keep the buses open for 10 hours, but c’mon. It’s pure laziness.

    Agreed re: the league. I also think it’s good to have good natured hate. The NFL is a better place for the absolute hatred Chicago has for Green Bay as evidenced by those games beating the national ratings of any game any year.

    This post is directed at the cunt bags like the ones who pop in the Red Card and elsewhere with their ‘the league wouldn’t exist without us troo fanzzz!!’. I think we all know that’s an utterly moronic statement. The most galling part is the absolute lack of ‘policing your own’.

    The good natured TFC fans are fine. The rest…cunts. (and they don’t have a monopoly on that title in the league either.)

  11. 11 Mrs footballerslives
    April 3, 2008 at 7:14 am

    Honey come back to bed! I need that little 3 inch cock of yours! Please put it in my gapping airplane-hanger like vagina.

    America Sucks…… America Sucks…… you only care about money. You’d fuck your own mother in the ass for a dollar. Oh…… America sucks……America Sucks….. 911 was your own fault, the chickens coming home to roost…..Oh america sucks ….america sucks……. the home of the free? more like the home of the weak…..AMerica sucks…america sucks….losing a war against a bunch of heathens with nothing more then sticks and knives…….oh America sucks…America sucks…. I just saw lady liberity giving a blow job for crack money……..selling her body for the american dream……

    The Best thing about 911 ….. DEAD AMERICANS!!! WE NEED MORE DEAD AMERICANS!!~!!

    Mod Edit: America Jr.: Our neighbors to the north, people. Yet, they wonder how I (and many others) could possibly think a large portion of the TFC fan base are a bunch of cunt faced shit birds? (this post isn’t the first kinda of shit they’ve posted either and my post is hardly the opening salvo)

    Oh and 3 inch cock? That’s still 2.75 inches more than your lady is getting. Go fuck a maple tree eh?

  12. 12 What now?
    April 3, 2008 at 8:21 am

    Mr. Archer,

    You are truly a very sad, misinformed & pathetic individual.

    I will pray for for you.


    MOD EDIT: Not bill archer. Not even from Columbus. You need only look to your fellow commentators to see the full breadth of the term pathetic.

    No need to pray for that which is right. Thanks anyway though.

  13. 13 What now?
    April 3, 2008 at 8:25 am

    Mr. Archer,

    You are truly a very sad, misinformed & pathetic individual.

    I will pray for you.


    NB I already know you don’t have the stones to post this….this is really anyway for you to know; you propagating, dictatoring prick!

    MOD EDIT: once again, not bill archer. once again, not even from Columbus. Columbus could basically burn to the ground in cinders and it really wouldn’t affect me all that much beyond the initial shock of an entire city burning to the ground of course.

    Secondly, if you didn’t think I’d post it anyway, what made you think posting the same thing twice made any more sense than posting it once? Between you and Mr. ‘9/11 was a good thing’ I’m starting to wonder if I was wrong in telling your brethren SO that I don’t think all Canadians/Torontons/TFC fans are cut from the same stripe, perhaps he/she is the lone exception…starting to look that way, no?

    I haven’t deleted a single comment from you morons. Sure I’ve taken some editorial license with the more spectacularly dull lot of you but other than that, 80% have been left totally intact.

    UPDATE: I see now from the incoming links that “bill archer” is a name you use for anyone ‘anti-Canadian’ since he has a pretty staunch record for being anti-Canadian on BS; how ‘clever’ /sarcasm

    Not anti-Canadian in the least as I’ve mentioned a number of times, not even anti-Toronto the city; I’ve personally put the latch key kids of some of your finest strippers through school on some extended business trips. I’m only anti-the largest (most vocal-if not largest) portion of TFC’s season ticket fan base who think they are god’s gift to the league for doing what EVERY OTHER FUCKING TEAM did the first 3 years of their existence.

    Big difference, but I wouldn’t expect you to see through the typical blind rage (and non-sarcasm detecting) brain of the average TFC supporter who trolls the internet with any regularity.

  14. 14 Azerban
    April 3, 2008 at 8:58 am

    “There is ZERO excuse other than laziness to piss with your dick hanging out towards and open road.”

    How about your own stadium employees telling us to? If they told me to jump off a fucking bridge or go rob a convenience store too I’d do that too since I was only doing what I was told. “Nürnberg Trials” what?


    The rest of your “article” is just as offbase and it’s completely obvious you just want some attention, so good job on that.

    MOD EDIT: Not a Columbus fan retard. Not my stadium employees and I doubt they told you to commit an illegal act. Because you are too stupid to figure out that it’s easier to stand between two cars and piss into a beer cup while a couple buddies stand watch isn’t really any one else’s issue but your own.

    My article is based on facts including first hand accounts of police which are a matter of public record. Of course if the criminals (many who have admitted to not being in attendance despite disputing the veracity anyway) say they didn’t do it then it must be true.

    Between the Red Card and here, you really are making the case for my article more and more. Congrats.

    One last note, moron: Any article ever written ever is done to get attention. Without it the writer isn’t writing long so I certainly won’t dispute that since you are merely stating a fact of life for anyone who has written ever. Bravo on stating the obvious?

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