MLS Week 1 Thoughts

Well let’s start with my pick for goal of the week. It was a tough choice, but given that this was a money time goal to salvage a point, Blanco takes it. Check it out.


What have we learned?

First we learned that this season is looking even better than any other.

New England and Houston had the kind of animosity you like to see between teams and the fact that it was this early in the season bodes well.

We also learned that predicting who is going to win the league this early is moronic as Houstona and DC both got pasted…the two pre-season favorites. Will they end up with it? Maybe. I think they are still good teams, but there is no such thing as teams who are heads and shoulders above pretty much everyone else in MLS the way you get in some other bigger leagues. There is no ‘Real Madrid, Barcelona and everyone else’ kinda thing in MLS.

Claudio Lopez is worth every dollar they paid him in KC so far. He played well and had a beauty of a goal.

Finally, we learned that LA are quitters. Gullitt needs to have a stern talk with them about playing with guts and pride or else it’s going to be a LONG assed season for them. With their offense it’s inexcusable to get pasted 4-0, even in a tough place to play like Colorado against an improved Colorado team.

If they lost 4-2 or 5-4 it would be horrible defense still, but it would at least reflect the make up of the team.

The only shame is that they are the face of the league around the world and people seem to believe they are the Manchester United of MLS which is simply not the case.

I’m not an LA supporter, but for the sake of the league I hope they kick up their game a notch since more people around the world are watching. The rest of the teams played good quality football and to have their performances sullied due to LA phoning it in would be tragic.


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