CONCACAF CHAMPIONS CUP: 2nd leg Houston vs. Municipal

Logline: stupid fucking FSC only runs the game once and I miss most of it since it starts too early for people on the west coast to see.

MOTM: DeRosario (according to the announcers and the highlights)

Result: Houston 3 Municipal 1

Aggregate: Houston 3 Municipal 1

Houston moves on.


Well, as the logline stated, I missed pretty much all of the game because it starts at 5pm on the west and no one in LA gets out of work before 7pm pretty much.

From what the highlights showed and the announcers said, the 1st half was once again a cagey affair with few chances on offense.

The second half looked like it opened up a bit more. DeRosario being DeRosario took over the match and scored 2 times (once on a PK) and Houston added one more to salt the game away.

By the looks of things, Onstad came up big and really kept them in the match. It seemed like Municipal had a lot of great chances but Onstad was simply up for it.

Wish I could have seen the match.

Of the two MLS teams, I think Houston definitely had the tougher draw as Municipal is a very good team. Looking at the results, it seems to me that Houston is better poised to take the title if they make it to the final.

The Mexican teams finishing off their series’ and the opponents of Houston & DC will be determined then.

It’s shaping up to be interesting as DC and Houston look like they are much better prepared this year than they were last year.


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