Log line: Good 1st half, great second half

Match result: DC 5 Harbour View 0

Aggregate result: DC 6 Harbour View 1

DC United moves on to the next round.

MOTM: Lots of people you could go with here, but for sheer work rate and his assists and a goal I have to go with Fred

Recap in brief

Not too much to say. The game was much smoother. It probably had as much to do with the better field conditions as it did with DC being closer to in-season form.

Harbour View is a very athletic and physical team though their lack of tactical awareness and technical skill is what undid them in the end.

Gallardo is looking like he was a great pick up. He made a number of great passes and a few others that are a little off season rust away from slotting through for wonder assists. He is also adept at pickup fouls in dangerous positions and nearly had a wonder goal off the volley after driving a free kick into the wall.

Emilio finally reawakend from his sleep and chipped in 2 goals.

Fred was the real story. He was a man possessed in the second half and was spraying passes around all over the place and even had a nice finish to cap the scoring.

Over all you could tell about 30 minutes into the first half that DC was on the verge of taking the match by the scruff of the neck and dragging it home.

Usually I find some things wrong but there isn’t too much to complain about if you are a DC fan. They had some careless turnovers early on but how much can you complain about a 5-0 pasting in an international competition?

Harbour View could make noise at some point with their athleticism and pace, but they need better coaching and better technical skills. They have shown that they are tough at home though.

Houston Dynamo plays next and are also going into the second leg tied on aggregate. It’s looking like it’s going to be another Mexico vs. MLS semi finals. We’ll see if MLS can break through to capture another Champion’s Cup (it’s been a while since they have)

Of course, seeing as the winner of the the new Champion’s League will go to the FIFA Club World Cup and not the Champion’s Cup winner, I expect MLS will win this as it seems every the Club World Cup was put on hiatus MLS won.

Well see what happens.


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