CONCACAF Champions Cup Matchday 2: DC United, Harbour View, Houston Dynamo & Municipal

I will pretty much only cover the games with MLS teams in them since there are probably 90 other sites one could get the Mexican team info from. (of course if/when the MLS teams play the Mexican sides I will be covering them after all 🙂 )

First up, Houston vs. Municipal.

This, to me, was by far the better match despite the 0-0 scoreline. The superiority came and went in waves with a slight edge to Municipal for most of the first 60 minutes or so.

There isn’t a whole lot to say other than the result was probably a fair one. Neither team looked particularly sharp around the goal. (especially Municipal who missed some absolute sitters)

The skill on display was good and the match was hard fought. You’d like to see some more quality in the finishing as I stated earlier but other than that I can’t imagine either team complaining too much.

Going into the second leg it’s hard to imagine Houston losing. They are in the middle of preseason but will be near the season by the time the the second leg comes around. Plus they are TOUGH to beat at home and have a pretty good record in knockout competition. If Municipal can score early it can change everything but that will be a tall order at Robertson.

DC United vs. Harbour View was a different story. The match ended 1-1 but it was tough to watch. The pitch is partly to blame but DC’s defense looked horrid and their finishing was non-existent. That was when they actually decided to create a chance on goal. A really poor performance for them.

Gallardo had many flashes and definitely showed why they are paying him the big bucks, but they need to get Emilio back on track (which may not happen as he played ‘off’ last year when the weather was cold and it probably won’t be warm for the second leg).

They REALLY need to figure it out defensively. Harbour View was slicing through with regularity in the second half and honestly were unlucky to only get a draw from this match.

Can DC win? Sure. IF the fans show up. They are a very different team when the fans show up. However, their fans don’t exactly have a history of coming out in droves for non-league matches.

Frankly, I could easily see DC get upset if they don’t play thorough Gallardo more and work Emilio into the game better. Otherwise, it will be early showers for them.

Both clubs can’t be too disappointed with away draws but most expected a bit more from them. However, as long as they play games in preseason the results will always be more erratic. Just ask the Mexican teams in Superliga last year.

The final score will suit them but both MLS teams really need to pick it up if they expect to achieve their desired result.


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