Chicago Fire vs. Dorados in Preseason action

Chicago is my team in MLS which will explain any bias I may have towards them. It will also explain why I put more stories about them than any one else, deal with it.

They are in pre-season training in Mexico and took on Mexican First Division side Doradas and drew 1-1.

Looking at the highlights and reading the match reports it looked like Chicago had the better of it and was a unlucky to get a draw rather than win, but the effort certainly looked good. Though I’d like to see at least 10 of those balls that sailed over the crossbar come down a bit.

Here is a video:

P.S. RBNY is looking at a midfielder/defender, Lider Marmol of Paraguay, that Osorio tried to sign while he was with Chicago last year. The deal didn’t go through but according to SBI, Chicago has a discovery claim on him (if you don’t know what that means, it’s probably best not to ask as it is a bit of an arcane mess. basically it means they get first dibs on him and if anyone else wants him they have to pay up) which I LOVE.

I hope the story is true and we get to fuck over RBNY after they tampered with Chicago to get JCO and are tampering AGAIN while they attempt to take Wilman Conde from the club.

Update: I just realized that I mistyped the name of the Mexican team and I apologize to the fans of Dorados. (I know a some Spanish and should know better after all)

I should also mention about those fans that they did a fantastic job supporting their team and all reports point to them having great adoration for Cuauthemoc Blanco and respect for the Chicago team after the match. Best of luck in the rest of your season in the fight for promotion to the top flight, Dorados.


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